The Perfect Team.



With more than 40 years at PorterCamp Jerry shows unending dedication to camp.  As a former PorterCamper Jerry knows what it means to be a camper and embraces what it means to be a kid at camp ensuring that what is important to the campers is focused on.

As a professional gymnastics coach, former state director, equipment refurbisher and camp owner Jerry embraces all aspects of gymnastics and works to bring the highest level of coaching and equipment to PorterCamp.  



Going on thirty-five consecutive years at PorterCamp Matt has had almost every role there is.   As a computer nerd in his real life he embraces the chance to ‘unplug’ in the North Woods while using those computer skills to master the game of 3D Tetris that is the loading of our semi full of equipment... without Matt we would literally not have mats at camp.   Matt brings a ‘smoke and mirrors’ approach to camp with the philosophy that the campers should have a seamless amazing experience regardless of how little sleep that means for him.

Going so far as to name his dog after the camp Matt always wants to make sure Porter is on everyone’s mind.    




Erin S.

If you have come to camp in the past or plan to come to camp in the future, Erin is one staff member you are sure to come to know. Herding all of the cats (campers, staff and parents alike) in the off season and at camp Erin simply makes camp happen.  As a national champion coxswain Erin developed her ability to get everyone moving in unison, a skill that is not lost on the staff and campers at Porter.   A full-time nurse at her ‘real job’ Erin shows a year round dedication to helping people.  Get to know Erin as she has the answers to all the questions, makes sure you get your cabinmate request and is the keeper of the canteen cards.  


Erin P.

While it is never easy to focus on the real-life portions of a summer camp, the Camp Nurse is an integral part of a happy and healthy camp.   A full-time nurse when not in the North Woods Erin brings her real-life experience to Porter, which combined with her life-long dedication to camp makes her our ‘Nurse Erin’.   Always available to our campers AND staff Erin dispenses first-aid and meds in a challenging sports/summer camp environment.  An often thankless job, Erin embraces the week at camp and all the splinters, bumps, aches, meds and owies that come with it.  




Cap'n John

A sailor at heart and long time gymnastics coach Cap'n John has owned and operated a successful club for more than 2 decades.

As head of our gymnastics program Cap'n John literally lives in the gymnastics tents.  Coaching our top level girls and assisting our other head coaches in curriculum development John ensures that our gymnastics facilities and program meet the needs of our campers while ensuring their unique gymnastics experience under the big top will not be forgotten.  



As a professional full-time owner/operator of a new club in the Madison area Ben brings a ‘startup’ attitude to PorterCamp each year.

Always willing to do whatever it takes to make the boys Gymnastics program a successful and fulfilling one while ensuring those boys also have the best camp experience possible - stargazing, concerts, and cabin shenanigans are just a start to the list of what Ben brings to camp each year.  Returning back to Madison and PorterCamp after a few years coaching in Colorado he brought with him a few of his gymnasts - demonstrating his value as a coach and mentor.





As ‘the voice’ of PorterCamp campers arise to his lovely renditions of ‘Bilbo Baggins’, listen to his instructions throughout the day and enjoy the creativity in his evening programs.  A former UW cheerleader, IronMan and current mens gymnastics head coach, David brings a well rounded coaching experience up to camp inspiring kids in and out of the athletic tents.   In keeping our evening activities fresh and fun David’s ‘voice’ sticks with the campers and counselors all year.