Where is PorterCamp located?

There is often confusion on this.  PorterCamp operates on an existing camp ground for one week in August in the North Woods of Wisconsin.

During the year our operations are run out of offices in Milwaukee, Madison and Seattle. (This is why we have a Milwaukee P.O.Box.)

What is the refund policy?

Prior to June 1st a full refund of payment received minus a $25.00 processing fee will be given

After June 1st and prior to August 1st a refund of payment received minus a $100.00 processing and staffing fee will be given.

After August 1st no refunds will be given.

Can my child share the same cabin as her friend?

Cabins are assigned prior to camp.  If you would like a particular cabin mate, please specify this on the registration form.  We do our best to put campers from similar age groups or from the same gym together.  Please note if there is a large age difference this can be difficult but we do what we can to accommodate.  Our primary focus is on similar age groups for the cabins as well feel the campers relate better to people in their peer groups.

Are cell phones allowed?

We have a strict no cell phone policy.  Aside from the expense of the device, and the cost of calls from the North Woods, we feel the use of phones takes away from the camp experience and leads to home-sickness.  If you have an emergency during camp we can be reached via the camp land line or via the administrators cell phones and then can reach out to your camper from there.  We respect that in today’s always connected world this can be difficult to accept, but it is a standard summer camp policy and one we hope you will accept.

Can our child camp with us at night?

Commuters are campers who do not wish to stay overnight in cabins – tuition for them is $525.  These campers participate in all of the daily camp activities and must provide their own transportation to and from camp each day.  Lunch is provided for commuters and included in the camp cost; dinner and breakfast are not.  Your child can have breakfast and dinner at camp for an additional $100.  He or she is allowed to participate in our evening activities which end around 9:00 PM.

What forms are required?

Forms will be sent out prior to camp via the email you provide us at registration.


How do I get my child to PorterCamp?

There are numerous ways your child can get to camp.

  • Bus: (this is the easiest) We provide bus transportation at reasonable rate to and from camp.  There are pick-up and drop off locations in Wisconsin (Brown Deer, Madison and Waukesha) and Illinois (Gurnee). 
  • Drop-off: You may also choose to bring your child to camp and drop them off.  It is a long drive to the North Woods so if possible we recommend using the bus, or at minimum carpooling.
  • Fly: If you need to fly to camp,  the Rhinelander WI airport is the easiest airport. We will run pick-ups and drop-offs as required to and from the airport.  (Be sure to alert us of specific flight plans so we can time these.)