From the Q: A very important question.

There is only one place where you can find out the answer to this very important question.  ONE PLACE IN THE WORLD where you can get the answer to... 'What is it like to be 'biffed' by an Olympian?'  And that is an answer you can get up at PorterCamp 2012. That's right folks, we apparently were an entertaining enough camp that Morgan Hamm has agreed to come back this year.  Remember it's an Olympic year and the 2012 Summer Olympics will have just concluded when we get up to the North Woods this year.   A very exciting time to have an Olympian in our midst, and to be able to get an understanding of what it means to represent the United States.

He was a great sport last year and participated in Biffer and all our other activities... Perhaps this year is the year of Olympic trampball.

Can't wait to see you all in the North Woods!

Camp According to Molly

Scavenger Hunt Winners - Boots Hey guys! My name is Molly and this year I am a CIT (Counselor In Training).  I have been coming to camp for a long time now and I LOVE IT! I'll be posting all week so everybody knows whats going on at camp.

Today was the first day (well, half day really) of camp. After all the parents left, tests were taken, Jerry and Captain John gave a safety lecture, and campers were settled, we had supper and had a scavenger hunt as the nightly activity. The winning cabin was Boots and they got points for the Cabin Cup.

Something new at camp this year is Sayhello@portercamp. Parents can send an email to their camper and it will be printed out and delivered to them at a meal. It's a lot faster than regular mail, and people have used it already!

I'm really excited for camp this year and I have a feeling that everyone else is too! 2011 is going to be a great Porter year!


From the Q: Get it while it's hot

A little birdie told me that the summer solstice has come and gone, which means summer is officially here and according to my widget over there ----> as of this posting we are a mere 48 days away from the start of Porter Camp 2011!

The time to sign up is NOW!  New activities up at camp include a ropes course through the great North Woods.  This adds another fantastic daily activity to the long list we already had.

My Daily schedule for 2011:

Breakfast -> Trampball -> Horseback Riding -> High Bar -> Floor -> Lunch -> Climbing Wall -> Swimming -> Rings -> TALK TO MORGAN HAMM -> Dinner -> Skit Night -> Canteen -> Lights Out.

What will yours be?  Can't wait to see you all up at Porter 2011

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Photos: PorterCamp - It's not just for gymnasts anymore. CHEER

... a long time ago in a campground far, far away... OK while it was a long time ago it was only about 20 miles... Porter Camp had both gymnastics and soccer.  It made for a fun camp with a lot of soccer boys running around and rounding out our co-ed facility,  but as times changed so did Porter, and for a long time Porter only had gymnastics as it's primary sport. A few years ago we noticed a change happening in many of the gyms in the area.  As an addition to their existing gymnastics teams a number of gyms were getting involved in other areas; extreme sports requiring crash mats, dance and tumbling classes, martial arts classes and also CHEERLEADING.  It really is such a simple transition when you think about it.  Here we have a facility that is built for tumbling, landing and occasionally falling.  A place that has high ceilings, landing mats and padded floors.  Gymnastics clubs are built for Cheerleading, without those very hard wrestling mats to have to setup every day.

The transition for Porter Camp was very much the same.  We have the tumbling facilities, the trampolines for training, the landing mats for landing (and crashing), the dance hall for ... dance,  but what if it rains.  Enter a 3rd circus tent in the other sports field and a Cheer program is born.

The Cheer program runs exactly as the Gymnastics program with 4 hours of training and 4 hours of traditional camp activities each day.  Cheerleaders like the gymnasts have 1 hour of dance in their training as well as stunting, cheering and tumbling sessions.  A wonderful addition to the Porter curriculum and a great energy boost to the camp (Cheerleaders know how to be loud which is strongly encouraged) we look forward to another great year of Cheer at Porter Camp

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Many of our returning staff moved from Gymnastics to Cheer, as natural a progression for people as for gyms and camps adding cheer programs... If you look closely at your favorite local college team you may see a cheerleader with a Porter Camp water bottle on the sidelines.

Photos: The Dam Lake

My weather gauge tells me it is a balmy 3 degrees in Wisconsin North Woods.  In honor of the New Years Day Polar Bears who feel this is the ideal temperature for water sports I am posting some photos of our waterfront and the waterfront activities.  A playground on the water with skiing, tubing, blobbing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing and sailing.  The Dam Lake (no really that's the name) provides hours of fun for campers and staff alike.   Looking forward to some sun and warmth in August. [gallery orderby="title"]