Camp According to Molly: The last day

Last day of Porter! This is so sad. Actually, I’m starting to cry right now. I love Porter, but I hate leaving it. I am particularly sad this year because this was my last week of Porter as a camper. However, I’m really excited for next year because I’ll be staff! Today we had a late wake-up call (yay for sleeping in!) and had breakfast outside on the sports field. After that we all went back to our cabins and packed and cleaned. When we were done, our cabin was checked and campers could play tramp-ball or go to the canteen and stock up on candy for the ride home! ( :

There are a lot of things I love about camp. I love all of the activities, I love all the gymnastics, I love Skit Night, I love Biffer, I love Olympic Night, I love the Scavenger Hunt, I love the campfires and the camp songs, I love the Dam Lake and I love the location. But most of all I love the people. Porter just wouldn’t be Porter without them.

I can’t wait until next year! I’m counting down the days already! 360 days till Porter Camp 2012! ( :

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Camp According to Molly - The Last Night

Last full day of Porter ): So sad! However, today was a fun day. CITs made T-shirts and played a team building game. There was one person blindfolded, looking for a dog toy, one person who could talk, but not see the blindfolded person, and the rest could see the blindfolded person, but could not talk. The “talker” had to tell the blindfolded person where to go, depending on the motions of the “non-talkers”.  It was tons of fun! At rest hour, every cabin had a turn taking pictures with the cabin banner.

The night activity was the dance! I had a great time.  But the dance means the last night. I always get so camp-sick after I go home! We have one more half day, and I hope to make the most of it!

Camp According to Molly - Day 5

Today was soooooo much fun! All the CITs went to town today and had lunch, went shopping and went go-karting. I had a lot of fun.

This was the first day of the last half of camp and we had new activities. I did arts and crafts and I did the new high ropes course. That is really cool.

The night activity was my favorite tonight-Skit Night! Circle C won, Bowed Legs got 2nd and Lake View got 3rd. They got points for the Cabin Cup.

Another cool thing that happened today was a demonstration from Morgan Hamm. He did air flairs in the cheer tent. It was really impressive.

I can’t believe how fast this week is going by! I don’t want it to end!


Camp According to Molly Day 4

The 3rd full day of Porter! So much fun, but the week is flying by! Today, because I’m a CIT, I got to help out coaching at the gym tents. It was a lot of fun and I also learned some new stuff. CITs also get to spend time with a cabin (I’m in Lucky-X) and learn how to become counselors. And, the CITs had a team building activity where we had to move a mat from one side of camp to the other, without using our hands! That was difficult, but really fun. Today was the last day of the first half of camp, so all of the campers switched activities, so we have a chance to do all the different things. The highlight of my activity periods was tubing, because Morgan Hamm went tubing with my group. It was pretty cool.

The night Activity was campfire, and we sang camp songs and as a CIT, I helped lead some songs. That was exciting!

Tonight, all of the gymnasts from Livingston Twisters get to sleep in the gym tents. I’m really excited about that, because we haven’t been able to do that the last few years. (:

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Camp According to Molly - Day 3

The 2nd full day of camp was great! Morgan Hamm helped out with my bars group today, and that was pretty exciting. He also helped with the CIT group. He helped Captain John give the CITs a spotting and safety clinic. I thought it was really helpful.Dinner was different today - it was barbarian night! No forks, no spoons, no knives, only plates and cups! It got pretty messy (: After dinner, the night activity was Biffer! That was also a very messy situation! Everybody participated, even Morgan Hamm played! Everyone was covered in food, so we all washed off in the lake, then went back to our cabins and showered. I am loving my time at camp so far, and I can’t wait for all the fun to come!

Camp According to Molly - Day 2

First full day of Porter Camp!!! A very fun day, full of gymnastics, cheer, and great activities.  For activities I had climbing wall, swimming, tubing, and arts and crafts. All of them were a lot of fun.

The night activity was Olympic Night. Every cabin moved from event to event and did the best they could to earn points for the win! Bowed Legs won and got points for the Cabin Cup.

I have found that being a CIT is hard work, but a lot of fun, and too!  Every morning we have to set up inside the gym tents, and then every night we have to put it away. But I definitely think that being a CIT is worth the work.

Morgan Hamm was here today!!! I didn’t have him as a coach yet, but I’m looking forward to it. He hung out during Olympic Night and was at dinner, and he seemed really nice.

Camp According to Molly

Scavenger Hunt Winners - Boots Hey guys! My name is Molly and this year I am a CIT (Counselor In Training).  I have been coming to camp for a long time now and I LOVE IT! I'll be posting all week so everybody knows whats going on at camp.

Today was the first day (well, half day really) of camp. After all the parents left, tests were taken, Jerry and Captain John gave a safety lecture, and campers were settled, we had supper and had a scavenger hunt as the nightly activity. The winning cabin was Boots and they got points for the Cabin Cup.

Something new at camp this year is Sayhello@portercamp. Parents can send an email to their camper and it will be printed out and delivered to them at a meal. It's a lot faster than regular mail, and people have used it already!

I'm really excited for camp this year and I have a feeling that everyone else is too! 2011 is going to be a great Porter year!