From the Q: A good winter read

As I am sitting here on a very wet and cold day in the Pacific Northwest, and seeing all the (-) signs in front of the temperatures from the midwest... It seemed a good time to post this and try to bring everyone's thoughts around to the hot summer days of August. Campingly Yours is a wonderful book written by a good friend of Porter Camp's.  Thomas C. Adler has lived his entire life at camps; as a camper, a CIT, a Counselor, a Director and an Owner.  The book is about his experiences throughout his camp life and the memories he writes about marry perfectly to memories I have had as a camper, counselor and director.

For most of us, camp remains an experience that is only a few shorts weeks of the year.  At this point we are almost the furthest we can be from the end of last year and the beginning of PorterCamp 2011, this book is a great opportunity to remember those good times and think of what is to come in August.

Thank you Tom for the great read and to everyone who picks up a copy.

A link to the book on Amazon:  Campingly Yours