The Daily Caleb

Day 5Today was the fifth full day of camp, the last full day. I can’t express how sad this feels to be under the realization that Porter Camp 2013 is coming to an end tomorrow. But we pushed that all out of our minds today so we could have a great time and lots of fun. We got up, cleaned our cabins, had breakfast and went on to our morning activities. I played some tramp ball and basketball, did arts and crafts, and had dance competitions. I got to the semifinals, then one of my cabin mates, Logan, ended up winning the competition for our dance class. Next we had lunch and afternoon activities. We went tubing and the Horseshoe staff who were driving the boat tried so hard to whip my friend, Dolan, and me off the tube, but we stayed on. They actually applauded us for staying on. Then we went paddle boarding and played ultimate Frisbee. After that, we had dinner, then we all got ready for tonight’s activity, the dance. The dance was fantastic, the Horseshoe staff was kind enough to DJ for us for a while and we were loving the music. After the dance, we all went back to our cabins. Now I’m sitting here writing this blog, trying not to think about tomorrow and the sadness of saying farewell.