The Daily Caleb

Day 3Third full day of camp. We woke up and it was freezing outside! But we got delicious French toast for breakfast to warm us up. Next came morning activities including more tramp ball, archery, and volleyball. During 4th period we finished learning the whole dance. So now we just need to fine-tune a few steps, then comes the actual competition. Lunch was next, then afternoon activities. During those we had Ball Sports. First we played kickball, then one of the counselors, Scottie, got the idea to play Quidditch, which was very interesting and popular. Next was dinner, then we had the first ever Porter Camp Pony Express Race! My cabin, Woodsmen C, ended up in 2nd place, and cabin 13B got 1st. The funny thing is, they drew a card from the prize box, and it was the “get thrown in the lake” card. So Erin ran and got a lifeguard and we ended the day with the 13B girls getting tossed into the lake. It was another great day at PorterCamp at Camp Horseshoe.