Happy Birthday to Us!

We have been a little quiet over here but we are ready to hit the ground running again for PorterCamp 2013. We have an exciting announcement for our 40th year!  To celebrate turning 40 we are giving ourselves the gift of a bigger and better campground.  PorterCamp 2013 will be hosted at Camp Horseshoe in Rhinelander, WI.  We are staying in the Great North Woods and will maintain the traditions we have built over the 40 years of PorterCamp.

There's a lot of work to do to go along with this change of venues, but we are thrilled with the move and the opportunity it gives us to expand our program.   The modern first-class facilities at Camp Horseshoe will make for an amazing 40th year of PorterCamp.

Please contact us for any questions you may have about PorterCamp or our new facilities.   We are 'off for the season' so the best route to contact us is via email.

NOTE: We have seen a number of questions about this. While Camp Horseshoe runs the rest of their camp as a traditional boys camp, we will remain co-ed as we were previously.


We are of course offering an early-bird registration discount of $100.00 if you sign-up prior to 12/31/2012.  If you have interest in giving PorterCamp 'as a gift' for the upcoming holidays please contact us prior to 12/01/2012 to get information about a holiday gift to wrap for your camper.

Sign up now to ensure your spot for PorterCamp 2013!!

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