Camp According to Sophie: The end of the week

Well it is a sad sad day.  The end of camp.  Sophie's last blog. Day 7:

Oh boy, I’m gonna start to cry again…

My cabin woke up today, looked at each other and started to cry!

We ate breakfast on the field today, the best breakfast of the week. We had donuts, bacon, cereal, eggs, and fruit! :)

Then we all headed back to our cabins to pack up and clean our cabins one last time.

At noon we had a closing campfire. It was so sad, everyone was crying. When I gave a little boy and hug he asked, “Why is everyone crying? We get to go home and take a shower!”

Now everyone is gone, on their way home, to take a shower.

I hope all the campers thanked their parents. Without our parents none of us would be able to be here. Thank you to all the staff members that keep camp going, they let us have the experience that makes us all want to come back next year. Thank you to all the Chippies who help out with activities. Thank you to Morgan Hamm, who again took the time to come visit us at Porter. I bet a lot of kids are excited when they get to say that they have been coached by an Olympian! Thanks to everyone who read this, I hope you found it helpful! Thank you to all the campers here at Porter. You guys make camp, camp. My cabin was AMAZING this year! I miss you guys already!!

I love Porter and can’t wait until next year!