Camp According to Sophie: Day 5

Day 5:  

Last night Livingston Twisters slept in the tents and it was so much fun…until…a chippy thought it would be funny to throw water balloons at us while we were sleeping. Other than that is was a great time.

At lunch we threw cream pies in C-C’s faces. It kinda backfired on me and I got cream pie in my face! Oh well, it tasted good!

Today was Morgan Hamm’s last day at Porter, so he hung out in the tents and autographed stuff for people.

Tonight’s activity was Skit Night!! One of my favorites! Cactus got 3rd, my cabin (Horseshoe) got 2nd and Bowed Legs got 1st. They got gold medals and picked Lakeview to be thrown in the lake tomorrow as their prize.

I can’t believe that the week has gone by so fast and that tomorrow is the last day! L


Happy Birthday Dad!!