Camp According to Sophie: Day 3

Aaahhh….. I’m getting into the full swing of Porter!! Today in gymnastics Morgan Hamm coached my group on Vault. It’s so cool that I get to say that I’ve been coached by a 2 time Olympian! And then, Dave ‘enhanced’ my beam time, because he made me laugh until I cried!

Tonight’s activity was Biffer!! OH, so GROSS! For those of you that don’t know, Biffer is this game that started a long time ago when one camper refused to take a shower, so all the staff created this ‘game’ were they put nasty, gross food on you. Before Biffer we ate dinner on the ground outside on the field, and that was just a giant food fight. I think maybe a ¼ of the food actually got into our mouths!  My partner Marla and I lucked out though, we took Natalie and Winter Grace with us because they didn’t want to get dirty, so we never got biffed!! Although, Marla and I were still plenty dirty from dinner!!  :)

Well I should go back to my cabin to work on our skit! Bye!!