Camp According to Sophie: Day 2

Our guest blogger will be here in a moment.  But as a LIFER I really needed to post this.  We have a second generation camper here that has one of her moms old camp shirts.  I unfortunately actually remember this shirt. . .

And with that... Here's Sophie

Day 2:

Hi again!

The first full day of Porter was SO much fun! All my activities were amazing. Gymnastics was OK too… :) Some groups got Morgan Hamm to help coach today!!

Tonight’s activity was Olympic night, where every cabin has a theme and we do weird ‘Olympic’ sports, like swivel hips on tramps, pull-ups, handstand walks, and wheelbarrow races.  My cabin’s theme was Female Fight Club. The winning cabin was C-C and their theme was Magic Mike. They won gold medals and also s’mores.

I’m so excited for the rest of the week!

***And in case no one remembers Morgan***