Camp According to Sophie: Day 1

Greetings from Porter Camp.  Similar to last year we have enlisted the services of one of our older campers to post here and keep our faithful followers up to speed with what's going on up here at camp. Everyone, this is Sophie.  Sophie, this is everyone.

Day 1:


Hi everyone! My name is Sophie and I’ll be your eyes and ears here at Porter Camp! I’m 15 and this is my 7th year here. I’m so excited to get camp going!!

So today we all got here, picked out our bunks, took our tramp tests and swim tests. After that we headed back to our cabins to mingle with our cabin mates and then went down to the campfire for opening campfire. Then back to our cabins for a cabin meeting to learn all the rules of Porter.

After all the meet and greet stuff we got to sign up for our activities for the first half of camp. I signed up for tubing, rock wall and ropes course, trampball, and arts and crafts.

Tonights activity was Scavenger Hunt. It was so much fun, we had to sing a verse of ‘Call Me Maybe’, find a living moth, a blade of grass and a lot of other random stuff. Lakeview won the Scavenger Hunt, so they got some pretty cool “gold” medals and won s’mores.

Well that’s about all we did here today! Can’t wait for the rest of the week!