From the Q: Goodbye Porter 2011

Well it has been a great season for PorterCamp and we are finally ready to close out 2011. I want to take a few minutes and tell everyone what has happened since the last day of camp.  Since all the campers have left we; tore down all the gymnastics equipment, loaded a semi trailer full of that equipment (a fantastic 3D game of Tetris that really is one of my favorite parts of camp), chased that truck to South West Wisconsin, unloaded/stored/setup all that equipment, and then SCATTERED.  Our staff left and hit the West Coast, the East Coast, and all parts between.

It's a special thing we all come together for each year and I think it really speaks volumes that we continue to pull staff year after year from all corners of the country.

Some facts from this year

The average age of our campers this year was 11.5.  The CIT group was larger in this single year than the previous 3 combined.  The average number of years our staff members have attended camp 14.5 ... everyone take a moment to think about that, our staff on average has been at camp 3 years longer than our campers have been alive.   (unfortunately I have a similar stat of being at camp longer than almost all my staff has been alive).

Some pretty amazing numbers for a pretty amazing year.

I gave some special thanks out on our porter facebook page but want to also post some here.

- Thank you to:  All of the PorterStaff.  All of the Chippewa Staff.  Morgan Hamm who was not a guest, but truly one of our staff members.  Molly our CIT blogger for the extra time she found to help us out.  Jacob Gerber who is responsible for the ongoing stream of photos.... and really to all the parents, campers and people that support the ongoing habit we all have to remain 12 and  go to summer camp.

For those of you that want your own ring tone as a wake up call... here you go.  It's been stuck in my head, I am hoping that by sharing it I will get rid of it.  Thank you David for my own version of  Bilbo

Bilbo Baggins

Now let's get started on PorterCamp 2012!