Camp According to Molly: The last day

Last day of Porter! This is so sad. Actually, I’m starting to cry right now. I love Porter, but I hate leaving it. I am particularly sad this year because this was my last week of Porter as a camper. However, I’m really excited for next year because I’ll be staff! Today we had a late wake-up call (yay for sleeping in!) and had breakfast outside on the sports field. After that we all went back to our cabins and packed and cleaned. When we were done, our cabin was checked and campers could play tramp-ball or go to the canteen and stock up on candy for the ride home! ( :

There are a lot of things I love about camp. I love all of the activities, I love all the gymnastics, I love Skit Night, I love Biffer, I love Olympic Night, I love the Scavenger Hunt, I love the campfires and the camp songs, I love the Dam Lake and I love the location. But most of all I love the people. Porter just wouldn’t be Porter without them.

I can’t wait until next year! I’m counting down the days already! 360 days till Porter Camp 2012! ( :

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