Camp According to Molly Day 4

The 3rd full day of Porter! So much fun, but the week is flying by! Today, because I’m a CIT, I got to help out coaching at the gym tents. It was a lot of fun and I also learned some new stuff. CITs also get to spend time with a cabin (I’m in Lucky-X) and learn how to become counselors. And, the CITs had a team building activity where we had to move a mat from one side of camp to the other, without using our hands! That was difficult, but really fun. Today was the last day of the first half of camp, so all of the campers switched activities, so we have a chance to do all the different things. The highlight of my activity periods was tubing, because Morgan Hamm went tubing with my group. It was pretty cool.

The night Activity was campfire, and we sang camp songs and as a CIT, I helped lead some songs. That was exciting!

Tonight, all of the gymnasts from Livingston Twisters get to sleep in the gym tents. I’m really excited about that, because we haven’t been able to do that the last few years. (:

CIT Mat Carry: [gallery]