From the Q: Pre Camp Concert becoming annual event

Well August is just around the corner which means I am flying my way back to the midwest for what is the 2nd of what I hope is a long running tradition. Time to go see Phat Phunktion at the Madison Terrace! This may seem an odd thing to post on the Porter Camp website, but the story behind it is everything that camp means to me. One of the founding members of the band is a friend I have had from camp for ... 20 years. I only see Tim a couple times a year when the band can get together, and I am available to get back to the midwest (OK really, I never miss a show anymore)... every time it surprises him I am there, and every time people from PorterCamp make it a point to be there. We don't plan to meet up, I honestly don't have a way to contact some of them, but camp people migrate to the same events.

Of all the friends that I have known the longest, they all have one thing in common. I met them at camp.

We are only a couple of weeks away from Porter 2011. The weather in Seattle this morning had a chill to it and it FELT like the North Woods. Maybe it was just my camp brain playing tricks on me... but it's time to spend some time in the North Woods.

If you are in the Madison area Friday - 7/29 come to the Terrace and see Phat Phunktion and all the random camp folks that will show up in the front row.

Including only one picture this time... Sacrificed in the field. It was a good morning.