Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night...

Porter Camp day 2! Today was the second full day of camp and it rained all day L. But that’s ok it didn’t stop anyone from gymnastics, dance, ball sports (today was Polly Pong (four person ping pong)), and all the other rainy day activities that are available. Some of the younger girls even went tubing when it was like 60 degrees!


 All the new campers seem to have finally gotten used to all the Porter craziness.  They’re singing along to all the songs and just in general seem to be enjoying themselves. Although I’m pretty sure at least some of the energy comes from all the candy they go through (I probably shouldn’t have told you this).


So tonight’s evening activity was the Pony Express Race. Every cabin races around the campground doing a whole bunch of team exercises. I’m in the oldest girls cabin and the motivation to win is sometimes lacking, but that was definitely the opposite in every other group’s case. The younger cabins were in it to win it for sure. This year cabin 13A won, but every one seemed to be having a ton of fun despite it being raining and covered in mud.

Pictures to follow: