I Just Killed a Spider and other Stories from PorterCamp 2014

As with other years the staff at PorterCamp have decided it's time for all the parents out there to hear it straight from a camper's point of view.  This year as our guest blogger we would like to introduce Celia R.   Celia started off her blogging by saving Erin and Erin (nurse and director) from a 'scary' spider so ... Welcome!   

And here is Celia: 

Hey everyone it’s Celia! This is my seventh year as a porter camper and I’m just here to tell you a little bit Porter as told from the inside. So today was our first official full day of camp! Everyone’s finally settled in and figured out their way around. Finally ready to start the week!


            Yesterday we started off camp with Olympic night. Every cabin picks a theme and goes around camp competing in an assortment of fun activities. The costumes are always hilarious and everyone get’s really into it!




            And finally, tonight we had the Scavenger hunt. Every cabin get’s a list of things they need to find. But the trick is some items are negative points like cell phones and the theme song of frozen! So the first two days of Porter have been great and I know everyone’s looking forward to doing tons of gymnastics and activities (plus more great food)!