Another Year in the Books

It was my 30th year up at PorterCamp and it just doesn't seem to get old.   I have taken year over year vacations to the same places and it always seems that the location and the activities just get dull over time... but never up at camp.   I've been to 30 closing campfires.  Every year the emotion our campers and staff show when leaving a place they have only been at for a week astonishes me.  

It was another great year.  The kids had a lot of fun and I know some learned some great new skills.  The weather cooperated all but one day but let's be clear, rain doesn't really slow us down.  

We are working on dates for next year, working on updating the site and working on closing out PorterCamp2014.   If you have questions please email us at   We will be in touch soon with links to register for next year, links to apparel and our year round canteen, and reminders about where all the photos we took this year are posted and how to get to them.  

I want to thank all the campers, parents and staff for another amazing year in the North Woods.  Looking forward to next summer!  Enjoy your year.  Stay in touch.  Keep the shark song fresh in your heads.  


How can it be over already?

Tomorrow’s the last day of camp! It’s so sad the week went by so fast! But even though we’re leaving soon, everyone seemed to have a LOT of fun tonight at the dance.  The dance at Porter is always a blast. But it’s definitely not like a normal dance. More of a spastic crazy event filled with councilors dressed in Halloween like costumes and the younger kids trying to be all-fancy.


I don’t think anyone wants to leave tomorrow. Even some of the homesick kids from the beginning of the week aren’t ready to go home yet. Tomorrow’s campfire is going to be so sad. We had so much fun this week and no one wants it to end!

Halfway done...still Halfway to GO!

Camp is half way over! It’s definitely bitter sweet because camp’s half way over, but it also means campfire! So tonight everyone sat around the fire pit singing and dancing to a bunch of new and old songs. This year we did a new one that was called the shark song. All the junior counselors taught it to us and it was actually hilarious. It’s fun to see the new campers kind of catching on to the songs/kind of ‘faking it till they make it’.

The Shark Song

The Shark Song


So today was another full day of activities. Tubing seems to be everyone’s favorite this week. The English Horseshoe staff really enjoys throwing us off the tube. I saw some pretty great wipe outs today.

Getting some air on the tube

Getting some air on the tube


Today cabin 13A had to all get thrown in the lake at lunch. The younger boys won an evening activity and choose to throw the girls in the lake. They seemed excited but cold. So yeah two full days left of camp, it’s crazy how fast the week goes!


Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night...

Porter Camp day 2! Today was the second full day of camp and it rained all day L. But that’s ok it didn’t stop anyone from gymnastics, dance, ball sports (today was Polly Pong (four person ping pong)), and all the other rainy day activities that are available. Some of the younger girls even went tubing when it was like 60 degrees!


 All the new campers seem to have finally gotten used to all the Porter craziness.  They’re singing along to all the songs and just in general seem to be enjoying themselves. Although I’m pretty sure at least some of the energy comes from all the candy they go through (I probably shouldn’t have told you this).


So tonight’s evening activity was the Pony Express Race. Every cabin races around the campground doing a whole bunch of team exercises. I’m in the oldest girls cabin and the motivation to win is sometimes lacking, but that was definitely the opposite in every other group’s case. The younger cabins were in it to win it for sure. This year cabin 13A won, but every one seemed to be having a ton of fun despite it being raining and covered in mud.

Pictures to follow:

I Just Killed a Spider and other Stories from PorterCamp 2014

As with other years the staff at PorterCamp have decided it's time for all the parents out there to hear it straight from a camper's point of view.  This year as our guest blogger we would like to introduce Celia R.   Celia started off her blogging by saving Erin and Erin (nurse and director) from a 'scary' spider so ... Welcome!   

And here is Celia: 

Hey everyone it’s Celia! This is my seventh year as a porter camper and I’m just here to tell you a little bit Porter as told from the inside. So today was our first official full day of camp! Everyone’s finally settled in and figured out their way around. Finally ready to start the week!


            Yesterday we started off camp with Olympic night. Every cabin picks a theme and goes around camp competing in an assortment of fun activities. The costumes are always hilarious and everyone get’s really into it!




            And finally, tonight we had the Scavenger hunt. Every cabin get’s a list of things they need to find. But the trick is some items are negative points like cell phones and the theme song of frozen! So the first two days of Porter have been great and I know everyone’s looking forward to doing tons of gymnastics and activities (plus more great food)!


Happy Holidays from the PorterStaff

The holiday season has started and we hope you all enjoyed your turkey and days off.  

It has been an ever crazy start to shopping season and we wanted to make sure you kept PorterCamp in your thoughts.  We are extending our discount through cyber Monday so sign up now and get your holiday present.  

We will be thinking of all of you and about our 2014 PorterCamping season.   

Happy Holidays!  


Time to look forward to 2014

Is it too early to be excited for PorterCamp 2014?!?! Not for us.  We are getting ready for it and REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!  Remember there is a $100.00 discount for registration before October 1st. 

Please visit us at the link below to register. 

Registration for 2014

After you register you will be asked to go to a square site for payment.  At that site we are also offering sales on our legacy apparel (as available) and also our 2013 shirts.  2013 apparel is available for order until 10/1 and legacy apparel will be shipped out all year in the first week of the month. 

Apparel is available here


August 2014 seems a long ways away but it is on our minds and we are looking forward to it already and can't wait to be in the north woods again!  Join us for another great year.

The Daily Caleb

Day 5Today was the fifth full day of camp, the last full day. I can’t express how sad this feels to be under the realization that Porter Camp 2013 is coming to an end tomorrow. But we pushed that all out of our minds today so we could have a great time and lots of fun. We got up, cleaned our cabins, had breakfast and went on to our morning activities. I played some tramp ball and basketball, did arts and crafts, and had dance competitions. I got to the semifinals, then one of my cabin mates, Logan, ended up winning the competition for our dance class. Next we had lunch and afternoon activities. We went tubing and the Horseshoe staff who were driving the boat tried so hard to whip my friend, Dolan, and me off the tube, but we stayed on. They actually applauded us for staying on. Then we went paddle boarding and played ultimate Frisbee. After that, we had dinner, then we all got ready for tonight’s activity, the dance. The dance was fantastic, the Horseshoe staff was kind enough to DJ for us for a while and we were loving the music. After the dance, we all went back to our cabins. Now I’m sitting here writing this blog, trying not to think about tomorrow and the sadness of saying farewell.

The Daily Caleb

We woke up to another chilly morning here at Porter Camp on the fourth full day of camp. We cleaned our cabins, had breakfast, then morning activities. Those included tramp ball, gaga ball, and dance. One of our dance teachers added a hip-hop section to the end of our dance. After learning the hip-hop part, we had finished the whole dance. That means tomorrow we will have the competitions. In the afternoon we had lunch, then activities. We played lacrosse, basketball, and hockey. Next we had dinner, then final preparation for our skits tonight. We all gathered in the dance theatre for Skit Night and had a great time watching and performing. My cabin tied for 3rd, while Pioneer B brought home another evening activity win. Tomorrow is the last full day of camp… It’s such a sad thought.

The Daily Caleb

Day 3Third full day of camp. We woke up and it was freezing outside! But we got delicious French toast for breakfast to warm us up. Next came morning activities including more tramp ball, archery, and volleyball. During 4th period we finished learning the whole dance. So now we just need to fine-tune a few steps, then comes the actual competition. Lunch was next, then afternoon activities. During those we had Ball Sports. First we played kickball, then one of the counselors, Scottie, got the idea to play Quidditch, which was very interesting and popular. Next was dinner, then we had the first ever Porter Camp Pony Express Race! My cabin, Woodsmen C, ended up in 2nd place, and cabin 13B got 1st. The funny thing is, they drew a card from the prize box, and it was the “get thrown in the lake” card. So Erin ran and got a lifeguard and we ended the day with the 13B girls getting tossed into the lake. It was another great day at PorterCamp at Camp Horseshoe.




The Daily Caleb

Day 2Today was the second full day of camp. We packed it full of fun as always! There were pancakes for breakfast then morning activities including: gaga ball, archery, and beloved tramp ball. Lunch came next, then afternoon activities, which meant American football, soccer, swimming, and arts and crafts for me. Next came dinner, which was pizza, followed by some free time to prepare our cabin skits for Wednesday night. My cabin actually finished our skit today and we just need to fine-tune some parts of it now. Tonight’s evening was the energy-filled, exciting campfire led by Dave and the Porter Staff. Jerry paid close attention to which cabins were the most involved and energetic throughout the campfire, and Ranger B brought home the win. Their reward was s’mores after hours at the campfire.

P.S. I made a mistake in Blog 1, Pioneer B won Olympic night, not Ranger B. Congratulations to Pioneer B.





The Daily Caleb

Well it’s that time of year again and we are up in the North Woods. Which based on the fact that this is the third year running and we have not had any repeats means we are surrounded by H family members. We have had the two girls’ perspectives the last two years… this year it’s the boy’s turn. Welcome Caleb H:


Hi everyone, my name is Caleb and I am a camper here at Porter. I am posting a blog about Porter camp this year. Both my sisters have done this blog over the past two years, and have passed the torch to me this year. So, this is our first year at Camp Horseshoe and this place is unbelievable! The facilities and staff are so wonderful and helpful, and I’m really excited about this year up North! Today was our first full day of camp and it started with normal cleaning chores and breakfast. After that, we headed to our morning sessions and had a blast! In addition to gymnastics and cheer, Porter has added a general sports program; today in general sports we played golf, kickball, and volleyball and had a great time. After morning sessions came lunch, rest period, and afternoon activities. Then we headed right to dinner for spaghetti and meatballs; it was so good! Every evening we have a collective camp activity, and tonight’s was Olympic night. Everyone comes up with a cabin theme and competes in different competitions around the camp. My cabin’s theme was ‘beach party” and we ended up getting 2nd place to the gold medalists, the Ranger B cabin girls.

Camp is starting soon

We are only a few days away from PorterCamp 2013. Just some reminders: Camp Starts on Saturday August 10th. Camp Ends on Friday August 16th.

If you are taking the bus either direction please review the bus times for drop off and pickup that we sent to you.

If you are dropping off/ picking up at camp please note the drop off and pick up times are 1:00PM

Let us know if you have any questions! We are getting ready and very excited for our 40th year.

Email to

How has it been 49 weeks since I left?

I realized this weekend that I am two very short weeks away from getting on the road and trekking my way to Wisconsin. The car is ready (but not packed), the dog is ready (but doesn't know its happening yet), I am ready (but can't believe it is soooo close). Camp is only three short weeks away and we still have some open spots for campers. We tend to see these last spots fill up in a hurry so sign up now!! Three weeks! That really snuck up on me, don't let it sneak past you.

It is our 40th year and we are very excited to be spending it at Camp Horseshoe. Come and join in the fun. It's just around the corner.

Wow is that place amazing!

A few of us had the opportunity to head up to our new PorterCamp home and do some prep work for when we get there in August. I was excited before based on what I had seen and in talking with their directors. Seeing it again and talking to more of their staff has me that much more excited for PorterCamp 2013. Its going to be an amazing year! Come and join us for our 40th year of PorterCamp and our 1st year at Camp Horseshoe! Sign up now!

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The lucky crew that got to dig holes and pour concrete. Thanks gang that could not have gone smoother. portercampers1

How many Olympians does it take

There is a joke in here somewhere but I can't think of it. As our returning campers will know we have had the pleasure of having Olympic gymnast Morgan Hamm up at PorterCamp the last few seasons. We are not sure if Morgan will be able to make it this year due to scheduling but we want to make sure we get our fair share of Olympic gymnasts...

This year coming to PorterCamp we have Chellsie Memmel. Chellsie2

Chellsie's gymnastics highlights are 2003 Pan American Team and All Around Gold 2004 World Cup Finals Gold on Bars 2005 World All Around Champion 2006 World Team Silver medal 2008 Olympic Silver Team medal

We can't wait to have her up at camp in a few short months!!! Chellsie1

Happy Birthday to Us!

We have been a little quiet over here but we are ready to hit the ground running again for PorterCamp 2013. We have an exciting announcement for our 40th year!  To celebrate turning 40 we are giving ourselves the gift of a bigger and better campground.  PorterCamp 2013 will be hosted at Camp Horseshoe in Rhinelander, WI.  We are staying in the Great North Woods and will maintain the traditions we have built over the 40 years of PorterCamp.

There's a lot of work to do to go along with this change of venues, but we are thrilled with the move and the opportunity it gives us to expand our program.   The modern first-class facilities at Camp Horseshoe will make for an amazing 40th year of PorterCamp.

Please contact us for any questions you may have about PorterCamp or our new facilities.   We are 'off for the season' so the best route to contact us is via email.

NOTE: We have seen a number of questions about this. While Camp Horseshoe runs the rest of their camp as a traditional boys camp, we will remain co-ed as we were previously.

We are of course offering an early-bird registration discount of $100.00 if you sign-up prior to 12/31/2012.  If you have interest in giving PorterCamp 'as a gift' for the upcoming holidays please contact us prior to 12/01/2012 to get information about a holiday gift to wrap for your camper.

Sign up now to ensure your spot for PorterCamp 2013!!

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